ShaoMaLing Industrial Area

 , Buji, Shenzhen, China

   Factory Address: Buji

   Shaomaling Industrial Area,              Shenzhen,China Post Code:              518112

   Tel :0755-28537684


SHENZHEN ALLIED AQUATIC (SZAA), Member of Grobest Group was established in 1990. One of the first Chinese corporation register in the European Union and HACCP certified.


With a total investment of $10 million and a annual production capacity of 20,000mt. SZAA has set the stage to continue to effectively compete in the world market. SZAA currently sells product to more than 30 countries including North America. The European Union, Australia and Asia.


With our unique ability and perfect location we are able to produce both ocean caught sources from Alaska and New Zealand to Farm Raise product grown in South China. With intensely developed farming and processing technology, we have established a comprehensive procedure from farming to production till consumer. This procedure gives our company the unique Traceability and QA system that guarantees product quality all the time, every time. The company’s spirits to work in partnership with our customers and to develop mutually beneficial relationships. Our strong management team gives SZAA a human resources base to rival any seafood producer throughout the world.



Leading the industry with new ideals, processes and technology, Shenzhen Allied Aquatic is ready for today and the future.

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Package heart fish balls
Golden Fish Bar
Lobster Pills